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Mock… what?

A mockumentary is a type of movie or television show that portrays fictional events and presents them as real. These productions are often used to analyze or comment on current events and issues by using a fictional setting, or to parody the documentary form itself. Mockumentaries deliberately blur the lines between fiction and reality, and therefore encourage the viewer to critically assess how the media reflect social reality.

Never heard of that before. What movies am I going to see at the festival?

MockUp will present mockumentaries from all around the world in numerous thematic programme sections. Our goal is to create a platform not only for mockumentary films, but also support other unconventional art forms that address contemporary social problems and engage audiences in a fun and creative way and encourage them to think about these issues and ask questions (and no, we don't mean "How much longer is the film?").

So I will learn something as well?

Of course! Today information is the main commodity and instrument of power, so it is important to learn how to navigate information flows and verify their credibility. We want to use mockument to open a discussion about navigating the current information space, not only through film screenings, but also through the offscreen program and workshops for the public.


A showcase of classic and new feature and short mockumentaries from around the world


A conversation with storytellers and experts about the topics discussed in films and other issues we face today


Plays, stand-up comedy, concerts, chill-out zone, talks and other events